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54D Knee Mat

54D Knee Mat


A knee mat it's a useful accessory for a variety of fitness routines, including yoga, pilates, floor exercises, gardening, and household chores. Knee Protection: A knee mat provides a cushioned surface that helps reduce pressure on your knees. It acts as a barrier between your knees and the hard floor, minimizing discomfort and potential strain or injury.

INSTANTLY ADD 1 INCH OF PADDING: Let the 1 inch of foam padding take away any knee, elbow, and wrist pain. Great way to add cushion when doing sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and yoga. The pad also measures at 24in x 10in x 1in giving you plenty of cushion!

PERFECT FOR INJURY REHAB: The perfect complement for anyone rehabbing from a joint injury such as ACL/MCL, elbow, wrist, and shoulder injuries. Let us provide the much needed padding so you can rehab in comfort.

WORKOUT ANYWHERE YOU GO: Turn your home into a gym or even workout at your desk job! Squeeze in a quick mobile workout anywhere you are with your new versatile, portable sidekick!

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The 54D Fitness Portable Exercise Mat can do it all. It can double as a meditation mat, gardening mat, or a kneeling mat! Whenever you need a more comfortable surface or if you’re looking to relieve pressure points in your joints, the 54d Fitness Portable Exercise Mat is your solution.