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Lower Body

A muscle development program focused on toning your legs an glutes. Along with the Loger Body workouts, two days a week you will work on strengthening your abs and core.

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results guaranteed

Results Guaranteed!*

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A muscle development program that offers 27 episodes focused on toning your legs and glutes. Along with your Lower body workouts, two days a week you will work your ABS and CORE.

The Lower Body trainings, add the use of weights, which will help to build muscle and lose fat.

This workouts are 30 minute trainings.

If you don't feel 100% satisfied with your program, we will refund your money. You can make this EFFECTIVE from the third to the FIFTH WEEK of the program. The only thing we ask in exchange for this guarantee is that you commit to strictly following the guidelines during the first three weeks of the program.

Personal or secondary situations that DO NOT exempt the member to perform physical activity will not be considered a valid reason to request a refund for satisfaction guarantee.

As always, our mission at 54D is to help you in reaching your goals. We invite you to work with all the strength and determination that define all of us in the 54D Family!


You’re never alone as part of the 54D family. Join a community that shares a common goal and is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself.
54D doesn't stop with sweat. Nutritional guidance helps you maximize your results and build healthy habits to carry into the future.
Get dedicated support from real coaches from anywhere. With our online training programs, you get live check-ins with coaches to get tips and stay motivated.


train with the best


54D was founded and created by Rodrigo Garduño. The 54D program gives you unprecedented access to knowledge, skills, and techniques gained by Garduño during his career as professional soccer player. Rodrigo has designed a program to help you build a strong body and healthy habits to last a lifetime. Rodrigo de Ovando, 54D Head Coach, has a professional career as a coach and runner, where he continues to challenge himself and break personal records. His warm yet disciplined training style helps 54D members reach their goals with solid mental and body preparation. Even if you’re working out from home, our online coaches will check in consistently and our global community is by your side every step of the way. No matter where you are, or where you’re starting your fitness journey, 54D ON can help you achieve the physical, mental, and emotional results you’re looking for.

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What is 54D ON?

54D ON is a nine-week online fitness program that guarantees visible and measurable results in 54 days. Our online training program is aimed at total transformation through a combination of high intensity training, nutrition, and recovery.

This combination is designed to help you create a fit body and healthy lifestyle that you can maintain long-term, with noticeable results in just 54 days. We use functional training techniques that can be achieved by people of every age and fitness level. Your program starts with one week of preparation and then moves into nine weeks of training daily for 6 days per week. The 60-minute high intensity cardio and strength workouts are from Monday through Saturday on-demand. That means you can access and begin every workout at a time of day that’s convenient for you.

54D ON gives you access to meal planning and nutrition guidance, plus a coach that checks in live with you throughout the 54 days of the program.

We have a Phased Nutrition protocol, and we also provide a coach who will guide and advise you during the 54 days of the program.

What happens during week 0?

Your program consists of one week of PREPARATION and nine weeks of TRAINING, NUTRITION, AND RECOVERY!

In week zero (preparation week), you will become familiar with your app, have access to basic exercise &  stretching tutorials,  be added to a group, and receive information about the items you will need during your 54-day process!

Then, you’ll meet your coach, and they’ll take you day-by-day through the process.

Once your week of preparation is over, you’ll begin your 54 days of training.

What is Step 2?

The first thing you should know is that you must have completed the 54D ON program to be ready for this new challenge.

Step 2 training is also six days a week for nine weeks, focusing on cardio weight training. You will work
your whole body with cardio an resistance exercises using elastic bands.

The nutrition protocol is more challenging and advanced in this program. If you already know our protocol, you know you have an extensive list of foods you will consume according to a calendar that your coach will share at the beginning of each phase.

What does 54D ON Add ONs mean?

In addition to your regular program workouts, 54D ON add-ons (training focused on upper or lower body) are programs that consist of three additional chapters per week, focused on core strength training and upper body or your legs and glutes, as well as extra sessions to train your abs.

These unique sessions are 30 minutes long and will be included in your daily activities within your app.

This is perfect for you if you want to take your process to the next level by strengthening and toning your upper or lower body.

The base cost for the 54 episodes of 54D ON plus the 27 episodes of upper or lower body and abs is $425.

This program requires additional workout items. These sessions cannot be purchased separately.

What time are the workouts?

Your workouts are pre-recorded automatically in your app and adjusted to your time zone. No matter what time you choose to train that specific day, your class will be enabled.

Remember that the workouts will be available from 12:00 am until 11:59 pm