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For more than 12 years, 54D has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world through its in-person and online training programs!

Now, your Company joins the mission to support your physical, mental and emotional health by offering you a FREE online training program!

This program has no cost or obligation to you.

All donated programs last 2 WEEKS and are delivered digitally through our 54D ON App.

Each program includes: pre-recorded daily training (which can be completed in a small space, without the need for equipment and at any time), nutritional protocol and additional material.

Once you choose your program, your training starts the following day.


Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit

We've heard your calls for rapid results, and we're thrilled to introduce our latest program: Emergency Kit! 

What if you need to fit into that perfect dress... Your beach vacation is just around the corner... Or you just got the urge of a revenge body!!!  No questions, just trust the process.

Booty On Fire
Booty On Fire

The Ultimate Two-Week Fitness Program designed specifically to Tone & Strengthen your glutes!

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking for a new challenge or someone with a busy lifestyle seeking effective and time-efficient workouts, this program is tailor-made for you!

First Move
First Move

First Move is the gentle, supportive path to progress, perfect for those seeking a low-impact approach. Say goodbye to setbacks and hello to a brighter, healthier you with our beginner-friendly program.

Let's take those first steps together!

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