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 54D 5K Runners

54D Runners 5K program will help you conquer your first run or improve your run. Take the survey here.


5k Principiantes 

El programa 54D Runners es para aquellos que quieren empezar a correr distancias cortas. 



- Nueve semanas de entrenamiento.

- Combinación de ejercicios de trabajo de fuerza y ​​sesiones de carrera. 

- Sesiones de estiramiento. 

- Carreras Guiadas. 

Contarás con el apoyo y guía de un 54D ON "Pacer"   y la motivación de una comunidad a través de un chat grupal. 

Te acompañaremos nutricionalmente por medio de una guía de apoyo complementando tu entrenamiento. 

El programa 54D Runners 5k te ayudará a conquistar tu primera carrera. No importa cuál sea tu experiencia deportiva; lo que importa es tu determinación y deseo de conquistar tus limites. 


5k Intermedio y Avanzado 

El programa 54D Runners es para aquellos que quieren mejorar como corredores de corta distancia y llevarlo al siguiente nivel. 

¡Únete a la comunidad 54D Runners! 

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El programa comienza el próximo lunes 



A 54-day online premium program for runners consisting of a training plan for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners that includes nutrition and recovery guides, follow-up, and community engagement, all in one app.

The program consists of two strength training sessions and four running sessions. The strength training sessions are recorded, and you should do them based on the video you will find in the app every Tuesday and Thursday, whereas for the running sessions, you can either go for a run outside or run on the treadmill.

The program lasts 54 days, nine weeks, each week has two strength training sessions and four
race training.

Yes, all products regardless of distance or level the cost is 135USD

Yes, the programs are designed for all types of training from beginners to advanced for different distances, 5k, 10k and 21k, if you select the program correctly and follow the program you will do excellent.

Yes, the program has nutritional guides that will help you consider good habits for a runner.

Yes, throughout the 54 days, you will have apacer that will guide you and clarify any doubts about how the program works.

Week zero is an introductory week, where through different materials such as videos, documents, etc. You will find the necessary information to make the most of your program.

During this week we are going to send you documents that explain how the program works, the brand ideology and help information for shoe selection, nutrition guides and stretching videos, it is very important that you read this information.

Yes, especially if it is your first program, if you have done 54D Runners programs in the past it will help you reinforce your knowledge.

No. In 54D Runners, you can start your program the Monday after you purchase it, and you will join a group chat where you will be in touch with other 54D Runners who have already started.

We can give you some guidance on these topics based on your goal and your running experience through a short quiz during the program purchase process. Go to https://54d.com/pages/outdoors, follow the purchase process, complete the test available, and you will get our suggestion.

Yes, according to the Hold and refund policy that we have for our digital programs, I share the policy with all the information.

Yes, according to the Hold and refund policy that we have for our digital programs, I share the policy with all the information.