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54D Wood Plyobox

54D Wood Plyobox


Builds explosive strength and power. Perfect for plyometric and HIIT exercises, 3 different height settings 20" (51cm), 24" (61cm) and 30" (76cm) allow you to control difficulty levels for push-ups, step-ups, squats, lunges, dips and many more.

• Highly versatile piece of equipment

• High quality, 18mm Plywood Construction

• Textured, Black, Non-slip Coating

• Ideal for home, gyms, health clubs and schools


  • • HIGHLY VERSATILE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT - The 54D 3 in 1 Black Non-Slip Wooden Plyo Box offers 3 jump heights from just 1 piece of equipment. With landing heights of 20" (51cm), 24" (61cm), and 30" (76cm) it allows you to incorporate a whole host of new exercises into your workouts.

    • HIGH QUALITY, 18mm PLYWOOD CONSTRUCTION - The box is constructed from a robust 18mm plywood, specifically selected due to its hard-wearing nature. It also features an internal support structure for added support and stability whilst in use.

    • TEXTURED, BLACK, NON-SLIP COATING - The box features a honeycomb-patterned, black, non-slip coating to allow the box to be used on any floor surface without the danger of slipping and sliding, whilst also making it easier to grip underfoot on landing. It is also ideal for any commercial or home environment given its wipe-clean nature making it easy to keep clean and hygienic.

    • IDEAL FOR HOME, GYMS, HEALTH CLUBS, AND SCHOOLS- The box has been rigorously tested to ensure that it will withstand the harshest of environments. The aesthetically pleasing design makes it ideal for a home, where the products look really matter, but also as a statement piece of equipment in a commercial environment.

  • 20" (51cm) x 24" (61cm) x 30" (76cm)


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